We Now Have Fans For Hire

Fantastique Feather Creations now hire burlesque feather fans. So if you have a one-off routine that requires a pair of fans or a group routine that needs spicing up with some colour, this may be a good option.

At the moment we have a small range of fans ready to hire but as we grow the hire range will become quite large. Fans are hired for a five (5) working day period and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

You simply pay a non refundable booking fee of $20.00, a bond/deposit which is fully refundable on return of undamaged fans and pay a hire fee which is only part of the purchase price.

You can hire one fan, a pair or several pairs depending on your requirements.

Hire Fees – Five (5) Working day Hire Period

Size A Single                          –  $60.00

Size A Pair                              –  $100.00

Size B Single                          –  $80.00

Size B Pair                              –  $135.00

Size A Rainbow Single         – $60.00

Size A Rainbow Pair             – $100.00

Size B Rainbow Single         –  $70.00

Size B Rainbow Pair             –  $110.00


Hi Annette,
The fans arrived today and they are beautiful. The girls were ecstatic tonight when they saw them at rehearsal.
Thank you very much,

Julian Regan

Bendigo Theatre Company

At the moment I have the following fans available for immediate hire:

2 pairs of Size A Royal Blue

1 pair of Size A Orange

1 pair of Size A Lime Green

1 pair of Size B Purple

1 pair Size B Rainbow(updated 2/6/17)


Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. The fans were beautiful. They were used as stage decoration for our season launch event to match the feather ‘wisp’ we had as a brochure cover. They shared the stage with Marcia Hines and her band!


Associate Producer, Merrigong Theatre Company

Our Hire Terms and Conditions are set out below, if you have any queries please contact me, I am more than happy to discuss your needs.

Fantastique Feathers Creations Costume Hire Conditions


Prices are based on hire for five (5) working days (including postage by Express Post where required)

Bond required.

A bond will be charged that equates to the value of the costume hired. This bond will be refunded on the return of the costume in a clean and undamaged condition (see conditions below)

Booking Deposit: A non-refundable booking deposit of $20.00 per costume is required on all bookings made. The booking deposit is credited to the hire price when the costume is collected. The booking deposit is non-transferable, should the booking be cancelled at any time or the costume not collected, the booking deposit will be forfeited.

Hire Conditions

  1. Customer acknowledges that the costume remains the property of Fantastique Feather Creations at all times.

  2. Customer agrees to not eat, drink or smoke whilst wearing the costume, and to follow the instructions on the care sheet provided with the costume.

  3. Customer is responsible to return the costume by the agreed date. If the costume is returned after the agreed date the Customer agrees to pay a late charge of $20.00 per day per costume until the costume is returned.

  4.  If the costume is returned damaged or incomplete, customer agrees to pay the cost of repair or replacement of the costume, as is necessary.
  5. Customer agrees to pay the cost of any special cleaning required as a result of any stain, damaging mark or odors caused to the costume.

  6. Customer agrees that any late charges, any repairs, any special cleaning costs and/or the replacement cost of the costume can be charged to customer’s credit/debit card or deducted from the security deposit.

  7. Customer indemnifies the owner in respect of any injury or legal expense arising out of any accident which may be caused by use of the costumes whilst in the customer’s custody.

Booking Fee – A $20.00 booking fee is applicable to hold the fans you wish to hire. This booking fee is not refundable, should you change your mind and not go ahead with the hire. If the hire is completed the booking fee will count as part of your deposit.

Late Return Fees – We allow five (5) working days for the return of the costume. Late fees will be charged at $20.00 per day thereafter.

Bond – The bond fee is equivalent to the actual value of the costume. This bond will be returned in full when the costume is returned in a clean and undamaged condition.

Repair & Cleaning Fees

  • Stave Repair – $50.00

  • Feather Repair – $30.00

  • Cleaning – $40.00

  • Miscellaneous Repairs – replacing diamamtes, ribbons – $10.00

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