At first glance, buyers are drawn to the beauty and spectacular visual appearance of our Feather Fans and various other  feather products  we import and create.

However, among the many happy clients who’s responses were  “I have to have one!”  or “I’d love one in every colour!”,  there have also been a few people who have commented “They are lovely but I don’t know what I’d do with one!” usually followed by a giggle and smile!

Our Feather fans are not just for the Burlesque Dancers, Feather Props for Photography or as gifts. Our Feather Fans make the most stunning Wall-Art and Home-Decor.

Placed on a Mantel Piece or  as a back-drop for your photo frames or ornaments.

Feather Fan Wall Art - Fantastique Feather Creations | Hunter Valleys Australia

Using an vertical stand –
Black Feather Fan Pair - Home Decor
Secured to the wall on an angle to display the full shape of the fans, these stunning fans bring vibrancy to the room.

Feather Fan Wall Art
There are 100s of ways these could be displayed, it truly just depends on your taste, preference and the theme you’re trying to create in your apartment, studio or office.

If you’ve got something particular in mind, why not  contact us today to discuss your next address to your home.

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