Update from the studio – October 2021

What a year it has been so far!

Small business everywhere has been affected by the dreaded Covid pandemic causing constant price increases in materials,  so I will now be quoting for each order. I’m hoping that this way I can give my customers to best possible pricing.

Fans will still need a 4-6 week lead time depending on work load.

I’m still working on the vegan friendly tulle boas and they  have been added to the store. These beautiful fluffy boas have over 1000 metres of tulle and are approximately 2.4 metres long and 320mm wide.

These boas can be customised to suit your requirements with plain colours, glitter accents or multi colour.

Vegan friendly boa collage

Vegan friendly boa collage

Have you ever seen a little girl in a beautiful tulle fairy princess dress and thought I want a dress just like that???Well soon you will be able to, I have been making the dresses for the little ones and I think it’s time that everyone has the chance to be a princess.

The adult princess dresses will be added to the store soon. Here’s a peek at what the mardi gras / pride / rainbow will be like, this one is still a work in progress

Adult Fairy Princess Dress

Work in progress
Adult Fairy Princess Dress

The skirt on this one is 130cm long and will have around 24 x 91m rolls of tulle by the time it’s finished. That’s a massive 2184 metres.

I have another couple of projects in the works so I will hopefully be able to show you those soon.

That’s it for now, take care and be gentle with yourselves

Love and light


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