Update from the workroom Feb 2020

Welcome to 2020!!!

Well the 20’s are back! And the year is already off to a flying start. I was lucky enough to get away for our annual family holiday for most of February, I am now back in the workroom ordering stock for new orders, working on new products and variations of existing ones.

One of the new products that are now available in store are our beautiful 1920’s inspired hand beaded headbands. These lovely headbands are hand sewn seed beads, diamantes and pearls. They have a leatherette backing and 45 cm of ribbon on each side. They are approximately 29 cm in length, they can be worn across the top of the head or around the forehead. There will also be a flapper style headband available soon.

The headbands will be on an introductory sale for $59.95 for a limited time. Why not order one now!!!



I will being offering different options for the range of feather fans. Currently all fans are double layered and double sided, I understand that the pricing for these fans can be a little too much for beginners and studios so I am looking into producing  a range of single sided fans with either a single layer or double layer options. These will be available online soon as well.

This year will also have more sponsorship opportunities and I am looking forward to continuing some existing sponsorship with competitions such as the Australian Amateur Performer Competition.  

I will also be doing a major clean up of unused materials such as feathers, market stock ect. I will have second and third grade feathers for sale, these feathers are great for craft projects and costume pieces. The jewellery is costume pieces and I have some pearl and diamante hair combs as well.

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