Update From The Workroom – December 2019

I just wanted to do a quick update from the workroom, this year as been has been a whirlwind.

I’ve had some amazing opportunities to sponsor some fantastique competitions like Burlesque Idol Australia 2019, Miss Burlesque Australia – New South Wales Final and the Australian Amateur Performer Competition. I look forward to be able to work with other competitions in the coming year.



I’ve had some ups and downs with suppliers, made a few changes to ensure the quality of our products. I now have a branded range of acrylic staves, After a few years of working with other people designs that weren’t quite right or acrylic that wasn’t reliable, I have found a local supplier that now produces a stave of my design on special acrylic that ensures a quality, strength and durability. I now have access to a full range of solid, transparent and double sided glitter acrylics as well as marbled and pearlescent ripples, marbles and pythons.

I have also changed my feather suppliers, I was using Chinese suppliers which was very trying, never knowing what kind of quality you were going to receive from order to order, having to order more feathers than required just in case. I have been using feathers from South Africa and have found the quality to be fabulous. As the old adage goes you get what you pay for. The feathers from South Africa are more expensive and with the drought and civil unrest in the country pricing of these quality feathers is on the increase. With this in mind there will be a price increase coming as of the 1st January, 2020.

The feather sizing is also different between the Chinese stock and the South African stock is also very different. This means that also from the 1st January,2020 there will be a sizing change for my fans. Size A fans that are currently 500mm high x 950mm wide, size B fans are currently 630mm high x 1100mm wide and size C fans are currently 780mm high x 1300mm wide. As of the beginning of January the following changes will be made

Size A fans will be 610mm high x 950mm wide

Size B fans will be 740mm high x 1100mm wide

Size C fans will be 860mm high x 1300mm wide

The shop will not be taking orders now until the new year. I would like to thank all of my wonderful customers for your support and your continuing patronage, I hope you and your families have a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Love and light



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